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    test establish ssh connection


    may someone help me

    i just wanna do simple code via vb6 to test ssh connection what i mean it is like i have server for ex. user test pass test

    i wanna check if the server able to establish ssh connection? if yes write 1 if not write 0 on flat file as .txt

    1 means online
    0 means offline

    note: no ping or nslookup as they're disabled for security purpose by admin.

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    Re: test establish ssh connection

    Try copying a file test.txt (empty) using File System Object and capture the error.
    Here is a sample code:

    Private Function Server_Test()
    Dim fs As New FileSystemObject
    On Error GoTo errH

    ' FolderName must exist on user computer
    fs.CopyFile App.Path & "\test.txt" ,\\\FolderName\test.txt"

    'If the connection succeded, delete the file "test.txt"

    MsgBox "Server is Running"

    Exit Function
    MsgBox "Server is Stop"
    End Function

    usually the error code is #76 (Path not found)

    course can develop as Boolean function:
    Private Function Server_Test() As Boolean

    and the code of the function call looks like this:
    (somewhere in the application)
    If Not Server_Test
    do something...
    do something else...
    End If

    I hope you are a good starting point

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