[RESOLVED] Creating Method with parameters
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Creating Method with parameters

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    [RESOLVED] Creating Method with parameters

    I am wanting to separate the logic from the visual, but I'm having problems when calling the method that controls the actions of the progress bar timer.

    ifndef PROGRESS_BAR
    define PROGRESS_BAR
    class Progress_bar{
    	       void set_Progress(ToolStripProgressBar^ progress_bar,
    			                 ToolStripStatusLabel^ label,
    							 Timer^ time){
    		   toolStripProgressBar1 = progress_bar;
    		   toolStripStatusLabel1 = label;
    		   timer1 = time;
    		   // Increment the value of the ProgressBar a value of one each time.
    			// Display the textual value of the ProgressBar in the StatusBar control's first panel.
    			toolStripStatusLabel1->Text = String::Concat( toolStripProgressBar1->Value, "% Loading" );
    			if ( toolStripProgressBar1->Value == toolStripProgressBar1->Maximum ){
               // Stop the timer.
                toolStripStatusLabel1->Text = "Completed";
               private: System::Windows::Forms::ToolStripProgressBar^  toolStripProgressBar1;
    					System::Windows::Forms::ToolStripStatusLabel^  toolStripStatusLabel1;
                        System::Windows::Forms::Timer^  timer1;
    # endif
    the way that im calling this method on Form1.h
    void set_Progress( toolStripProgressBar1, toolStripStatusLabel1 ,timer1);

    Error	1	error C2182: 'set_Progress' : illegal use of type 'void'	h:\cry_dev\programming\c++\school_media\school_media\Form1.h	277
    Error	2	error C2078: too many initializers	h:\cry_dev\programming\c++\school_media\school_media\Form1.h	277
    Error	3	error C2440: 'initializing' : cannot convert from 'System::Windows::Forms::Timer ^' to 'int'	h:\cry_dev\programming\c++\school_media\school_media\Form1.h	277
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