The latest version of Aspose.Pdf for .NET (8.0.0) has been released. This release includes better support for existing file manipulation. This new release has specific improvements for PDF printing, PDF to DOC, XPS and various image format conversions. We have also focused on watermarking, text extraction, PDF compression and bookmarking functionalities. Please note that we recently introduced an Examples dashboard which contains code examples for Aspose.Total for .NET products. From this release, the Examples dashboard is part of the product installer. So once you have installed this new version, you can find the Examples dashboard in the Examples folder in Aspose.Pdf for .NETs product installation directory. This release includes plenty of new and improved features as listed below

Disable paging in PDF document
Update Validate(..) method to take Stream object as an argument
Examples dashboard with Aspose.Pdf for .NET
Cell Text Wrapping issue in Table Row is fixed
PDF to PNG conversion issue is resolved
Complete text is now extracted from PDF file
Using unicode characters in TOC
Unable to extract/get page number information regarding bookmarks
Pdf printing now working printing images
PDF to PNG: Conversion process hanging is fixed
Image rendered as black while converting Pdf to JPG is fixed
Printing halting is resolved for indefinite time
While printing using PdfViewer, data missing in footer is fixed
Opacity property of FreeTextAnnotation is now working
PDF to XPS: resultant file is now corrected
PDF to DOC: Bullets and frame container missing is fixed
OptimizeResources(), error message is fixed when viewing resultant PDF
FreeTextAnnotation contains multiline international characters, result is broken
Multi-page table rendering properly is fixed
Error fixed while concatenating PDF files
Watermark is now being added to PDF document
Checkboxes appearanceis fixed on first page footer and remaining pages
All output PDFs are of the same size as input PDF
How to embed and extract blank data in XMP
While filling a richtextbox field, line break tag in XML not working
Unable to clear Keywords property is now fixed
Process hanging is fixed while converting Pdf to Tiff
Aspose.PDF 7.8 is showing missing dependency error is now fixed
PDF concatenation, bookmarks are now being included in resultant file
Concatenate attached Pdf files is now fixed
Assemblies referenced in Aspose.Pdf for .Net 7.8.0 but missing in build is fixed
Multiline TexboxField now honor new line
Textfragment now implementing Bold and italic fontstyles simultaneously
Different footer on last page of PDF file is resolved

Other most recent bug fixes are also included in this release.