hello everyone,
I have a school project and I have no ideea where to start. I am a begginer and I need help understanding some things. The reason I am asking is because I can`t seem to find a straight answer to my problem no matter where I search for. Maybe I am asking the wrong question so I will try to describe my problem.

What I need to do is, to connect a java program to a database ( mysql ), and via GUI to display some records from a table.

Now, the table I am trying to display will be called "Flights", and has the next rows: "FlightiD","departure","destination","departureTime","arrivalTime","status",

The ideea is. that I need 2 GUI`s "Arrivals" and "Departures" that both take data from the table, and another one that allows me to modify the data into the table. Where do I find such a tutorial to help me do this? Is it possible for someone to show me pieces of code that will help me do this? How do I connect my java program to the database?

Of course the "Flights" table has data from other tables (company, Airport ).

I know it`s much to ask, but I need to start from somewhere and all the java tutorials I read and leaned, didn`t show me much about how I can do this.
Thank you for your help!