Well I am trying to make a Choose Your Own Adventure Game in HTML(with JS) and I currently have a save function which works pretty well, you make a character (race, name, and gender), it saves a text file with the race, name and gender written inside the .txt file named "Character_<name>.txt", what I want to do is save the file, then when you hit load it opens a File Input and you search for the file and open it up. <-- That's where I am at.

But I do not know what to do after that... I would like it to read the file and extract the data. Maybe it would be better if it was XML not a text file. But I do not know how to save those files.

So if anyone can help me, you will get a spot in the game's credits when it is done.

P.S. It is going to be a downloaded game, not a Server hosted game, so all the stuff is client side, not server side.