Hi there Everyone!,

I am trying a program that edit the existing exif image to to a newly one, but it seem that I don't have luck.

I extracted exif data in an image, this is the code:

Dim objExif As New ExifReader
Text2.Text = CommonDialog1.FileName
Dim txtExifInfo As String
If Text2.Text = "" Then
MsgBox ("please insert an image")
objExif.Load (Text2.Text)
txtExifInfo = objExif.Tag(DateTimeOriginal)
Text1.Text = objExif.Tag(GpsLatitude)
Text3.Text = objExif.Tag(GpsLongitude)
Text4.Text = objExif.Tag(GPSInfo)
Text5.Text = objExif.Tag(DateTimeDigitized)
Text6.Text = objExif.Tag(Artist)

the textboxes are fill with this data, when I run the system was good, this is my problem, when I save the file, the exif data was lost (GPS Latitude and Longitude are lost the save image. another thing is the file size of the image gets bigger (from 28 Kb to 43 kb).

And One thing more, if the image doesn't have a gps lat and long, how can I edit the data and then save it to the property detail of the image.

any idea or code that might help to solve my problem will be gradually appreciated..

more thanks and more power to everyone!

btw my name is john from phils.