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Thread: handle list of data an fast search

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    handle list of data an fast search

    i want to create some data structure that will amount of 20K xml.
    xml structure will be of type :
    and so on...
    i want to achive 2 things:
    1) i want to remove xml after XX minutes (xx will be general number for all the XML)
    2) i want to search over the structure and find the xml by its GUID.

    whats the best way to implement this?

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    Re: handle list of data an fast search

    First of all, the xml you posted isn't valid xml because it's missing closing xml tags (e.g. </XML>).

    That being said, do you have control over the xml schema? If so, I would suggest you change the schema to have the guid/data pair as a single node of the xml (rather than a data node following a guid node).

    Something like (...please ignore the names I've chosen):

      <node guid="fcf2664e-d641-48a7-a1aa-2e8fef5145e6">
      <node guid="62040b2d-52a4-4ce0-814f-ff5530dde6fc">
    Once you have the xml in a format like this (if it's possible), then you can use Xml serialization to read it into a class.

    In terms of fast lookup, you can then put each node into a dictionary object and use the guid as the key for fast retrieval.

    If this sounds interesting, I can elaborate further.

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    Re: handle list of data an fast search

    very interesting, i didnt think of serialization, how execlly will it help?
    can i maybe combine it with saving the xml as compressed?

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    Re: handle list of data an fast search

    the exect xml structure is like this:

    and under the data there are more nodes.

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