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    Get Grayscale Value of grayscale image (RGB)

    I'm making simple application for image recognition using grayscale image format. The problem is how to get the value of a grayscale image. Its value is RGB or pixel. Then the value will be used as a comparison between the sample images with the image to be recognized.

    I have a sample program but can not use this code to VB.net, because the code for vb.6. Can someone help me convert this code to vb.net? Or do you have another solution?

    I was more expecting another solution to this problem in VB.net code.

    Thank you very much
    For Y = 1 to Picture1.scaleheight
    For x = 1 to Picture1.ScaleWidht
    p = Get pixel (picture1.hdc, X,Y)
    r= p and &HFF
    g = (p\&H100)and &HFF
    b = (p\&H10000)and &HFF
    grtotr=grtotr + r
    grratr = Round(gtotr/(picture1.ScaleHeight*Picture1.Scalewidht),2)
    grtotg=grtotg + g
    grratg = Round(gtotg/(picture1.ScaleHeight*Picture1.Scalewidht),2)
    grtotb=grtotb + b
    grratb = Round(gtotb/(picture1.ScaleHeight*Picture1.Scalewidht),2)
    ' the result of the calculation transferred to textbox
    Text1.text = grratr ' R value
    Text2.text = ggratg 'G value
    Text3.text = ggratb ' B value

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    Re: Get Grayscale Value of grayscale image (RGB)

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