I need to get this in an xml file:
<InstdAmt Ccy="EUR">298.67</InstdAmt>

IHow do i do that.
I tried the code below, but get a syntax error on >> oElemBerichtAmt.setAttributes "Ccy", "EUR" <<

Please help.

< code
Dim oElemBerichtInstdAmt As IXMLDOMElement
Set oElemBerichtInstdAmt = oDOM.createElement("InstdAmt")
Dim oElemBerichtAmt As IXMLDOMElement
Set oElemBerichtAmt = oDOM.createElement("Amt")
>> oElemBerichtAmt.setAttributes "Ccy", "EUR" <<
oElemBerichtAmt.Text = "298.67"
oElemBerichtInstdAmt.appendChild oElemBerichtAmt
< code