Hey ho...

guess i need some help of experts again.. wanna export listview to MS excel. i found a really nice article on this:

however the only one thing that does not seem to work with my OLE is COleVariant class.
It's simply not declared. I tried adding afxdisp.h but it's not a standard lib in my Microsoft Visual Visual Studio Express 2012 and it seems to be very specific to MFC.

I tried to add it manually from internet but it's then referring (calling) to other *.h

is there any way to either replace COleVariant with VARIANT (or something) or add afxdisp.h (and all connected libs) to my program?
i wanna achieve this :

IDispatch* pRange;
		COleVariant oleRange(szCell);
		VARIANT result;
		m_hr=OLEMethod(DISPATCH_PROPERTYGET, &result, pSheet, L"Range", 1, oleRange.Detach());
		pRange = result.pdispVal;
will be grateful for any hint!