I need to create an object of a mfc derived CFormView class that's not in the doc/template (a second view class).
but it was generated with a protected ctor. Here's the code explanation with comments.

// I'm thinking all the normal classes of the Doc/View template are created
// starting with this code, but within the template code base.
 CSingleDocTemplate* pDocTemplate;
 pDocTemplate = new CSingleDocTemplate(IDR_MAINFRAME,                          
       RUNTIME_CLASS(CViewSwitchDoc), //<-expands to-> ((CRuntimeClass*)(&CViewSwitchDoc::classCViewSwitchDoc)),
       RUNTIME_CLASS(CMainFrame),       // main SDI frame window
// But I have generated "another view" using the "Add Class" Wizard, it's a derived class of
// mfc CFormView which I named ViewForm. However I'm having a problem creating an instance
// of it because of the generated protected ctor and pulls a compile error of not being able to access ctor.
// Below are the header and implementation files of this said ViewForm class.
// Anybody got any idea on how to create an object of this view ?
// Did I go about it all the wrong way since it's not in the doc/template group ?
// ViewForm.h file
#pragma once

// ViewForm form view
class ViewForm : public CFormView
 //public: static const CRuntimeClass classViewForm; // These 3 lines are expansion of
 //virtual CRuntimeClass* GetRuntimeClass() const;   // DECLARE_DYNCREATE(ViewForm)
 //static CObject* __stdcall CreateObject();

 ViewForm();           // generated by Add Class wizard with 
                      //protected constructor used by dynamic creation
 virtual ~ViewForm();
 . . . . .   other code not pertinant
 . . . . . 
// ViewForm.cpp : implementation file

#include "stdafx.h"
#include "ViewSwitch.h"
#include "ViewForm.h"

// the below is expansion of IMPLEMENT_DYNCREATE above,
// CObject* __stdcall ViewForm::CreateObject() { return new ViewForm; } // this is where obj would be created.

// including the embedded IMPLEMENT_RUNTIMECLASS below,
//__declspec(selectany) const CRuntimeClass ViewForm::classViewForm = 
// { "ViewForm", sizeof(class ViewForm), 0xFFFF, ViewForm::CreateObject, 
// ((CRuntimeClass*)(&CFormView::classCFormView)), 0, 0 }; 

//CRuntimeClass* ViewForm::GetRuntimeClass() const { return ((CRuntimeClass*)(&ViewForm::classViewForm)); }

	: CFormView(ViewForm::IDD)
{ }

{ }
 . . . . other non pertinant code
 . . . .