Hello AC-WEB members. Today I am looking to re-continue AquaFlame.NET As all of you might know it's a CMS Website for World of Warcraft. Version 1.0 and Version 2.0 are out and i need some people to help.

I want to create one of the best CMS that you can find these days. (Blizzlike and Non-Blizzlike) - We host our own website and demo and we have a Decent Gaming Dedicated Server. (But to host a webside, duh...)

What are the current Specs?

Intel Xeon CPU E31230 @3.20GHz (8 Processors),
500GB of Disk Space
100GB on Backup.
500MBps U/D Internet Speed

What am I looking for?

*Website Deveolpers.
People with video editing skills to do commercial work.
*People with Photoshop and Digital Desgin knowledge, able to work.
*People with great knowlegde in Servers and Networking
*People with great knowlegde PHP, HTML5 & CSS3, OOP Structure.

Marks with * have high priority, so please spam me with these requests.

I own a decent, acceptable .org domain for this project, which is easy to remember, easy to type and makes sense.
Link: http://aquaflame.org
Bought for this project.

Thanks for reading, and questions is more than welcome, even through there might be some I wont answer.

- Also keep negative comments away, unless it really makes great sense to say it out loud. Thank you.
- If you want to speak with me about it, please add me on skype: alex-simitis