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    My Windows 8 Suggestion:Add Windows Back to Windows

    A lot of people have lots of comments telling Microsoft what is wrong with Windows 8 and with what should be changed or fixed. Many of these people have even loaded and ran the operating system. See if you agree with my perspectives.

    Brad! Jones,
    LotsOfSoftware, LLC

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    Re: My Windows 8 Suggestion:Add Windows Back to Windows

    Quote Originally Posted by Brad Jones View Post
    People like to complain.
    And Microsoft always do their utmost to satisfy people's desire to complain. This time they really outdid themselves. Turning desktops into handheld devices was a stroke of genius. What other move could possibly have given so many so much to complain about in one single go? A classic already. Definately on par with Coca-Cola's formula change.

    Where are the mainframe developers now? Change happens.
    The mainframe developers are still developing for the mainframe, only it's called "the cloud" these days. The cloud is the perfect new word for the same old thing but on a clear day you can see the mainframe as the saying goes. True change is a rare bird. Often it's just new clothes for the emperor. People are aware of that and don't automatically equal change with good.

    I left the modern interface out of the previous discussion
    The new UI isn't modern, it's just new. Modernity is determined by the Zeitgeist, that is what people consider to be modern, not what Microsoft state is modern. The new UI will be new for a while and then it will be old. Only time can tell if it was modern.


    You're blaiming everything and everybody for the Windows 8 disaster, except Microsoft.

    According to you people are nothing but a bunch of change-averse whiners who stubbornly fail to wellcome this new UI even though Microsoft has clearly told them its modern and even coerced them to use it by removing any confusing elements of choise.

    I don't share your view and fortunately so don't Microsoft. They've acknowledged their mistake and we will soon see an upgraded Windows 8. Hopefully they get it right this time. Modernity can't be commanded, it must be earned.
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