[RESOLVED] checking the same values??? why not working
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Thread: [RESOLVED] checking the same values??? why not working

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    [RESOLVED] checking the same values??? why not working

    Ok this is absolutely mindboggling me, and i have no idea why it is not working, maybe im just being dumb and stupid, but i have tried other expressions.

    Heres the Layout

    9 Textboxes, a Button,
    I want to Check that each row has the same written in it
    I set the text boxes in a Control Array for easier use and reference

    heres what i have but i keep getting a type mismatch, so must be doing something wrong, argh i hate doing things when im tired too but any idea why this is coming up as a mismatch

    btw i wrote a function too in a module if it helps so i could call it easier
    dim state as string
    If  Form1.textinput(0).text And Form1.textinput(1).text = Form1.textinput(2).text  Then
    state = Form1.textinput(0).text
    'To Check if it works
    ' MsgBox (state) 
    End If
    oh dear lord an easy conjunction and i cant get it to work what am i missing pr doing wrong
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