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Thread: bytes!!!

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    Hello!!!I have a question... How many bytes has the array int b[5]={0,0,0,0,0}???

    My teacher said it has 18 bytes,but I think it has 10 bytes...
    Which answer is the right one???

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    Re: bytes!!!

    b is an array of 5 ints. So the answer must be a multiple of 5 - so the teacher's answer is wrong!

    The correct answer depends upon the size of an int. If an int size is 16 bits (ie 2 bytes) then the correct answer is 10. If an int size is 32 bits (ie 4 bytes) then the correct answer is 20.

    Try this program

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
    int b[5]={0,0,0,0,0};
    	cout << "An int has " << sizeof(int) << " bytes" << endl;
    	cout << "int b[5] has " << sizeof(b) << " bytes" << endl;
    	return 0;
    On my system it prints 4 and 20.
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    Re: bytes!!!

    Great... Thank you!!!

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