Joining our talented team to build innovative applications for the software testing industry.

Technical requirements:

We are looking for a senior/lead C/C++ developer who has the following knowledge and skills:
- Strong knowledge of Win32 API, data structures, algorithms, OO design and multithreading.
- Experience with different approaches to API hooking and DLL injection.
- Knowledge/experience with .NET CLR, OSX and browser (Chrome/Safari/Firefox/IE) extension development is a plus.
- Sanity check: can you build an application that records and playbacks screens and user activities (e.g. an automation test tool)? If the answer is yes, we are looking for you. Please send your CV and a cover letter explaining why your skills and experience are a good fit for this position.


- Opportunity to join a talented team building innovative software for the US market
- Competitive salary and benefits

If you are interested in this position,please send us your resume at