Hi ,
My name is Usman, and I am the lead developer from a group of developers going under the name of AlphaWolfGames.
We are in the middle of creating our debut professional title known as Robot Universe.

The game is a 3d side scroller covering several genres including action, puzzle, strategy, shooter, mystery. The story line takes place inside a robotic universe that is in conflict due to a virus corrupting the programming of robots and forcing them to fight each other. We have been under heavy development for just about 8 months now and have been making rapid progress. Below you will find some screen shots of some of our work that several of our artists have created.

An environmental concept sample

A sample of our main character and one of his forms

An enemy model

I cant upload too many images but I hope by these you can see that we are more than capable of creating high quality art assets. Currently we want to expand our team in areas we are not as strong in such as animation and programming therefore we are in need of highly skilled programmers and animators who want to be a part of a professional team environment. This project uses unity3d game engine. It does run with c# u should be able to pick it up rather quickly. Please also have an understanding of networking and databases as we intend to store login info , items etc onto databases.

About Payment
This project does not have any funding therefore we can't promise any payment. Once the project is complete (very likely as it is not too hard) and we do make some income, We will pay you based on the amount of work you have done ( e.g. for artist by the model that they did). The main purpose of this project is to gain valuable experience and to get a decent team together to start this indie studio. If we work nicely together we will be able to release future games and you will become a full part of this indie studio.

This is a serious project therefore there are rules that the team must adhere to. First of all you must be able to dedicate at least 3-4 hours per week to this game. You will receive weekly assignments. There will be team meetings once a week and everyone is required to attend via Skype.

For further information you can contact me on skype at jin76007 or email me at usman_429@hotmail.com
You can also visit our facebook page:

And our website which is still under construction:

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon.