I am working on a project in which I use DirectShow to Play / Pause / Stop the video. I am using slider bar to show the progress of the video. As the video starts playing, the slider bar moves in proportion to the video duration. Now when user moves/drags the slider bar to a new position, I want to forward the video in equivalent proportion.

Say if video duration is 50 seconds and max range of the slider bar is set to 100. slider will 2 steps for 1 second of video progress. Now if user drags the slider to 60 while video is playing, I want to increment/forward the video.
if user moves the slider backward, video should move backward.

I have done with the slider moving along with the video and when user drags the slider.
please let me know how to set the new position of the video, so that the video starts playing from that point.

Anybody have any idea or any sample code for the same.?

Thanks in advance.