The release of Aspose.Tasks for .NET 5.5.0 is out now . As part of Aspose continuous efforts to make the API rich of useful features, this month’s release include two new features. Aspose now support exporting project to XAML format with the facility to set various rendering options such as setting legends on output pages, applying timescale options and individual Presentation formats. This month’s release also supports printing a project to a default or custom printer with different Print options and printer settings. This month’s release also includes an easy way of deep cloning a source project to a target project via a single API call. Below is the complete list of new features and important bug fixes included in this release:

- Rendering project data to XAML
- Print MPP files
- Provide method for copying project such as sourceProject.CopyTo(AnotherProject)
- Export project to XPS format
- TaskWritingException fixed when copying tasks from Xml to MPP and saving it
- Tasks copied from XML to blank MPP, resultant MPP displays "NA" dates in MSP 2013
- Calendars count differs when copying mpp project data to mpp 2013 file is fixed
- Wrong enterprise values read by Aspose.Tasks is fixed
- Early start/finish and late start/finish dates read by Aspose.Tasks is corrected