seems that i realy must abandoned the VB6
i have several errors with IDE(i'm using windows 7). and i have VS201 installed.
i have several code for convert, but some code ins't used in VB2010
like vbscript code
but it's there any way for convert the code?
Public Function ExtendedSplit(ByVal strInputString As String) As String()
    Dim i As Integer
    Dim objRegExp
    Dim objMatch
    Dim colMatches
    Dim strTestInput As String
    Dim strOldValue As String
    Dim strNewValue As String
    Dim tempArr() As String
    ' Create a regular expression object.
    Set objRegExp = CreateObject("VBScript.RegExp")
    'Set the pattern.
    objRegExp.Pattern = "\"".*?\"""
    'Set global applicability.
    objRegExp.Global = True
    'Test whether the String can be compared.
    If (objRegExp.Test(strInputString) = True) Then
        'Get the matches.
        Set colMatches = objRegExp.Execute(strInputString)
        ' Iterate Matches collection.
        For Each objMatch In colMatches
            strOldValue = objMatch.Value
            strNewValue = Replace(strOldValue, Chr(34), Chr(128))
            strNewValue = Replace(strNewValue, Chr(32), Chr(129))
            'Debug.Print objMatch.Value
            strInputString = Replace(strInputString, strOldValue, strNewValue)
    End If
    For i = 1 To 127
        Select Case i
            Case 1 To 47, 59 To 64, 91 To 96, 123 To 127
                strInputString = Replace(strInputString, Chr(i), " " & Chr(i) & " ")
        End Select
    Next i
    Do While InStr(strInputString, Space(2))
        strInputString = Replace(strInputString, Space(2), Space(1))
    strInputString = Trim(strInputString)
    tempArr = Split(strInputString, " ")
    For i = 0 To UBound(tempArr)
        tempArr(i) = Replace(tempArr(i), Chr(128), Chr(34))
        tempArr(i) = Replace(tempArr(i), Chr(129), Chr(32))
    Next i
    ExtendedSplit = tempArr
End Function
and can i convert a ctl file?