Detect what sent WM_QUERYENDSESSION?
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Thread: Detect what sent WM_QUERYENDSESSION?

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    Question Detect what sent WM_QUERYENDSESSION?

    I know after reading about WM_QUERYENDSESSION that windows typically sends this message to all running applications when a user is either logging off, restarting, or shutting a PC down. I have an application with a handler for when this event is received, so I can see that the WM_QUERYENDSESSION message is coming in, but I don't know what is causing it. The user claims that the application "stops working" suddenly and freezes up, and I assume that they weren't logging off or restarting or shutting down the PC. Is there any other instance in which the WM_QUERYENDSESSION could be sent out to applications or is there a something I can look for in determining what caused it?
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    Re: Detect what sent WM_QUERYENDSESSION?

    WM_QUERYENDSESSION is also sent when the ExitWindows() function is called.

    lParam contains some simple info re the reason for WM_QUERYENDSESSION called.
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    Re: Detect what sent WM_QUERYENDSESSION?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ciralia View Post
    ... is there a something I can look for in determining what caused it?
    Well, 2kaud has already answered you.
    But I wonder why do you ignore MSDN?
    Just read about WM_QUERYENDSESSION message and all the related topics from the section See also!
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