Hello fellow developers !

We have managed to create in our opinion something very useful for us all :

DEMUX Framework is a Java framework for building modular, cross-platform applications which can run on desktop, web and mobile devices. It is an open source project published under Apache License 2.0. The following list presents basic goals of this project:

build a platform that will enable easy creation of modular applications based on OSGI. Think Eclipse or NetBeans platform, only simpler and more flexible

provide a set of reusable modules that can be simply dropped into new applications and easily customized if needed

applications should be easily portable to all supported platforms (ie., port desktop application to web or mobile OS)
build a thriving community which will allow building, sharing and customizing modules among users

It is free to use and you are all more than welcome to do that.
Just be so kind give us your feedback about and help us make it thrive.

Direct link to our web site available on our profile page here at Codeguru, or just google it up...

Cheers and enjoy !