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    Hi there,

    I'm trying to write a simple Delegate class with a Bind() and Invoke() function. For now it only needs to support a void class function with no parameters. I've searched around and found quite a few exmaples, though, those class are heavily templated and I lose track trying to simplify it.

    So far my code is following:
    #include <windows.h>
    class Test
    	void DoSomething()
    		MessageBox(NULL, L"Test::DoSomething!", NULL, 0);
    template<class tObject, void (tObject::*Func)()>
    void Wrapper(void* Object)
    	return ((tObject *)(Object)->*Func)();
    class Delegate
    	typedef void (*FuncType)(void *);
    	template <class tObject>
    	void Bind(tObject *Object, void (tObject::*Callback)())
    		m_Object = Object;
    		m_Callback = &Wrapper<tObject, &tObject::DoSomething>;	// Works, but need to replace DoSomething with Callback variable somehow
    		// ((tObject *)m_Object->*Callback)();		// This works, but needs to be in Invoke function, so these variables need saving somehow
    	void Invoke()
    		(*m_Callback)(m_Object);	// Works if m_Callback is saved with Wrapper helper class
    	void *m_Object;
    	FuncType m_Callback;
    int WINAPI WinMain(HINSTANCE hThisInstance, HINSTANCE hPrevInstance, LPSTR lpCmdLine, int nCmdShow)
    	Test test;
    	Delegate dg;
    	dg.Bind(&test, &Test::DoSomething);
    	dg.Invoke();	// Call test.DoSomething();
    	return 0;
    The part I am having difficulty with is assigning &Test::DoSomething to the m_Callback variable.

    &tObject::DoSomething works, yet _Callback which I pass &Test::DoSomething to does not work.

    Where am I going wrong?


    [EDIT] Also, why does the following line work:
    m_Callback = &Wrapper<tObject, &tObject::DoSomething>;
    When wrapper is like:
    template<class tObject, void (tObject::*Func)()>
    void Wrapper(void* Object)
    Should it not be Wrapper<class-typename, parameter-1>(parameter-2) // This currently creates an error
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