I am trying to write a program that keeps track of social security numbers (SSN) of customers of a bank. I have to assume that SSN is a four-digit number (e.g., 1234. 0123 is not allowed.). When the program runs,it has to prompt that the user should enter a 4-digit SSN number to record, or 0 (zero) to exit.

The program also needs to be able to give an error message if a certain number is entered more than once.

After all the numbers have been saved and you finally end it by pressing 0, it needs to be able to output all the entered SSN's.

Here is my code so far, I am kinda lost from what to do from here can anybody help explain? not sure how to approach the rest can somebody please help me finish this code?

#include <iostream>
#include <iomanip>
#include <cmath>
using namespace std;

bool isExist(int ssn, int records[], int numberOfRecords);
void listRecords(int records[], int numberOfRecords);

int main()
int records[32];
cout << "Please enter number or 0";

return 0;


bool isExist(int ssn, int records[], int numberOfRecords)


void listRecords(int records[], int numberOfRecords)