Hi There! How are you?

I have a program that I must load a certain image depending of certain conditions. This image can not be built into resources file, it must be separated from the program and it is actually residing in the same directory as the .exe file.

So, my code is really simple and tries to access the image file from the disk:

                                System::IO::FileStream ^fs;

				if(tabPage8->Size.Width > 996)
					fs = gcnew FileStream("fundo_tp8_zoom2.png", FileMode::Open); //Opens the file
					fs = gcnew FileStream("fundo_tp8.png", FileMode::Open); //Opens the file

				unsigned int tamanho = safe_cast<unsigned int>(fs->Length); //Gets the file size
			        array<unsigned char>^ file_array = gcnew array<unsigned char>(tamanho);	//Creates an array with the same size 

				fs->Read(file_array,0, tamanho);	//Reads file into the array
				fs->Close();	//Closes file

				MemoryStream^ ms = gcnew MemoryStream(file_array);	//Creates a memory stream from the array
				Bitmap^ MyImage = gcnew Bitmap(ms);	//Converts stream into bitmap

				tabPage8->BackgroundImage = MyImage; //Changes the background image
It works fine, but the problem is that unless it is executed with Administrator privileges, windows denies the access and the program crashes. I'd like that to run without administrator privileges, so I won't have to explain to every customer how to do it. How could I possibly work around this problem?

Thank you!