Im working on a simple file list program that list folders and files using CFileFind. Heres how the program goes!
1. User types a directory in a edit box
2. Presses button and files and folders get listed.

**If user wants to go back a directory

1. Presses the back button

And the back button is my problem. I know the problem is the Wildcard format. Im using a CString with a addition "/.." eg....(CString cp = m_Directory + "/..");
I tried CString cp = m_Directory + "/.." + "*.*" and vice versa with no luck
My question is how do I add a "*.*" to the CString cp? If I don't add "*.*", I know that all the files will not get listed.Only one folder gets listed when I press the back button

Can you help me with this problem.


oh yeah. Here is the code im using for the back button

void CAlDlg::OnButton1() 

CString oke = m_o;

 CFileFind OneFile; 
 CString FileName, DirName; 
 BOOL BeWorking; 

 DirName = oke + "/.."; 
 BeWorking = OneFile.FindFile (DirName); 
 while (BeWorking) 
 BeWorking = OneFile.FindNextFile () ;
 if (OneFile.IsDots ()) continue;  

	m_b.AddString(OneFile.GetFileName ());


 OneFile.Close ();