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I am trying to create a loop to call in the entries from the text file named Set.
The entries of Set.txtare :
1 2 3
2 4 5
and so on .. (64 such combinations)[/CODE]

it basically means the first combination for testing is 1 2 3 and next has to be 2 4 5 and so i have 64 such entries defined in set

my test files are located in D://data// and are named tst_data1 to tst_data64.

i created a loop for test set but its incorrect

// loop for test samples
char basefilename[] = "D://data//";
char , testFilen[160], numiChar[10];

for (int i=1; i<=64; i++) {
strcpy(basefilenme, "D://data//");
strcat(testfilename, Set[]);

if (testfilenme[i]=='_' && testfilenme[i+1]=='\0'){
strcat(testfilename, numiChar);
strcat(testfilename, "_");

strcat(testfilename, ".txt");

please correct me how can i call the Set .txt and how to define it.