Hello to all members. I'm trying to find some more help on another problem I have found in my script. My last post was resolved with the patience of DataMiser who guided me through the unfamiliar software code. I'm by no means a professional and still learning the basics. Basically I have a series of server side .asp scripts most of which work brilliantly now, but I have one problem that I can't figure out.

An explanation of what it does may be a good place to start. One script takes the information from a screen form and enters it into an Access DB and this works great. I have another form which allows me to edit that form and change any of the fields shown on the approved form. Every field works great with the exception of one. This field contains up to 14 dates all correctly entered into the DB. If I change a date on the form it works, if I add another date, it works and the DB is updated. If I try to delete one of the entries however it cannot perform the task and simply leaves the data intact within the database.

I think I have pinned the problem down to a small part of the form and can post the data...... Is there anybody out there that would like to take up the challenge to teach me a few more bits of programming ? I've tried everything that I learnt from DataMiser but the gems I learnt from him can't be used here as a little sql knowledge, which I don't have is needed. This again is a bit out of my league and hopefully there will be a patient teacher out there.... Can anybody help please. ???? I can