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I had not saw any more questions. Am not sure what the question is now. Assuming that the value you are wanting to display is in the field called ColorName then what i showed you should work see post #35 and #37

Hi DM.. I wondered why I hadn't heard from you as you always answer very quickly :-) I did try what you suggested but it gave m no end of problems. In one instance it removed my ability to add new categories and I couldn't edit the ones that were there. You suggested that providing the db was designed correctly that I should e able to extract the details I needed from the LinkColor table. My understanding is that 'LinkColor' contains only all of the current combinations of colors available. It is when you create a new category that this information is displayed. Once you create this information it is stored in the 'Type' table as three values....'Id' ..ColorName and ColorCode. I want to extract the color name associated with the new category and display it alongside the message advising me that the new category has been created. The code I showed in my last post is where I think it should be but I am not sure how to access it.