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You never showed where you tried the select statement so I do not know where you went wrong.

If you have the hex value of the newly changed color that you want to display the name for and that hex value exists in the same record of the same table with the colorname as seems to be the case then as I have said a few times now it is just 1 simple select statement

SQLString="Select ColorName from LinkColor Where ColorCode='" & TheHexString &"'"
You then execute that to create the RS and if the RS returns a result it will be the colorname you are looking for.

I do not know if I am using the correct field names here as you keep bouncing around on naming conventions but ColorName would be the field that holds the literal text value Green for example and colorcode would be the field that has the HexString in it and both in the same table so whatever they are called that is what you would use. TheHexString would be the variable that holds the actual hexstring you are looking up to match the colorname to.

If you try the select and it don;t work show what you tried rather than just saying you tried it as clearly if you tried it the right way it would work and there is no way to know what mistakes you make without knowing what you are doing and please forget about the other stuff. You should not be talkign about any other script or table as all that does it confuses the issue and makes it very hard to follow what you are talking about.

Hi DM..... Thanks for that.. I will play with it and see if I can make it work... if not I'll keep careful notes of what is going on so you can see.... banging head now so will crack on in the morning :-) Reards. ..DA