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Although this has announced a bug fix in the Debugger performance in mixed mode source code for error occuring with a message "Children could not be evaluated", it is still around, please see the attachment.
In the image 'p' is defined as an enum, switching back and forth between C++ and C++/CLI seems to still fail the evaluation

Another example,

I have a unmanaged C++ code which will be called through C++/CLI code
HRESULT func(T t, TT* tt)

public void CallFunc(T t)
//Initialize tt

If I debug this code and the debugger break point is set at "if", I also don't see tt value at all (<non-evaluated message>), but if I choose Add Watch and in the text box I input it as *(int)t* (int because my setup type is of enum) and choose Re-evaluate button I can see the value then. This is Ok but not really smooth, right.

Thank you.