Input Validation Error Using Arrays
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Thread: Input Validation Error Using Arrays

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    Question Input Validation Error Using Arrays

    I have not completed this program yet, but I have already run into a snag. For the Input Validation part, every time you enter a number regardless if it is positive it will still display the cout statement: "Please enter positive values". The program runs correctly where I currently am at, but it just keeps reading that statement even if a user enters a positive value. I have run the debugger, but it really is not showing me anything other than I notice it jumping to that statement after every value that is entered.

    Here is my code, once again I have not finished this yet, but I would really like to get this fixed first before I continue. I will keep debugging in the meantime...

    // A local zoo wants to keep track of how many pounds of food each of its three monkeys
    // eats each day during a typical week. Write a program that stores this information in a 
    // two-dimensional 3 X 7 array, where each row represents a different monkey and each column
    // represents a different day of the week. The program should first have the user input the 
    // data for each monkey. Then it should create a report that includes the following information:
    // Average amount of food eaten per day by the whole family of monkeys.
    // The least amount of food eaten during the week by any one monkey.
    // The greatest amount of food eaten during the week by any one monkey.
    // Input validation: Do not accept negative numbers for pounds of food eaten.
    #include <iostream>
    #include <iomanip>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
    	double totalAverage = 0;                                  // variable to store the total average, initalized to zero
    	int monkey = 0,						     // index counter, intialized to zero
    		day = 0;						     // index counter, intialized to zero
    	const int NUM_MONKEYS = 3;                           // Elements or number of rows in array
    	const int NUM_DAYS = 7;				     // Elements or number of columns in array
    	double average [NUM_MONKEYS][NUM_DAYS],  // 2D array with a 3 x 7 (rows and columns)
    		   highest = 0,                                         // variable to store the highest value for pounds eaten in a week
    		   lowest,						     // variable to store the lowest value for pounds eaten in a week
    		   monkeys[NUM_MONKEYS];                    // varialbe to store the total amount eaten by each monkey
    	memset(&monkeys[0], 0, sizeof(monkeys));
    	memset(&average[0], 0, sizeof(average));
    	for(monkey = 0; monkey < NUM_MONKEYS; monkey ++)
    		for(day = 0; day < NUM_DAYS; day ++)
    				cout << "Enter the number of pounds eaten for"
    			    << " Monkey # " << (monkey + 1) << ", "
    				<< "Day " << (day + 1) << ": ";
    				cin >> average[monkey][day];
    				if(average[monkey][day] < 0);
    					// Ensure that negative numbers are not accepted
                                            // This keeps displaying regardless if the number is positive
    					cout << "Please enter positive values.\n";       
    				while(average[monkey][day] < 0);
    	cout << endl;
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