I have been commissioned to build a game as part of a project at a tech company. This game will be 2d and fairly simple.

- The basic platform will be a top-down view of an office floor
- There will be man or woman who will be the main point of interaction
- The man will be maneuvered around the office space by either clicking at points in the office space or using the keyboard arrow keys
- The main will be able to interact with objects or people in the office space, by walking up to them or the user clicking on them

I am thinking of using JAVA to do this.

I was wondering, since I have supposed to build this in a very short period of time, and since I don't know java (but I do have web based programming experience), what would be the best and most efficient way to tackle this?

Would HTML5 be a better consideration than java?

Are there any tools or game 'frameworks' I can use to speed up the process?

Scalability and efficiency doesn't really matter here, I just need to build a working prototype as soon as possible.

Would greatly appreciate some guidance.