i have these nice sub for insert a table:
Public Sub InsertTable(ByVal Rows As Integer, ByVal Columns As Integer, Optional ByVal ColWidth As Integer = 700, Optional ByVal RowHeight As Integer = 2000)        Dim _Rtf As String
        _Rtf = "\par"
        ' I Fixed the column size here you can change it on your own
        For row As Integer = 1 To Rows
            _Rtf &= "\trowd\trautofit1\trgaph108\trrh" & (RowHeight * row).ToString & "\trleft36" 'these last comand is the left row position
            'The following  For loop is just an example you make a list of columnWidth and  and you can assign it here
            For col As Integer = 1 To Columns
                _Rtf &= "\clbrdrt\brdrdb\brdrsh\brdrs\clbrdrr\brdrdb\cellx" & (ColWidth * col).ToString
            _Rtf &= "\pard"
            _Rtf &= "\intbl\row"
        _Rtf &= "\pard"
        Dim tmpstr As String = Me.Rtf
        Me.Rtf = tmpstr.Insert(tmpstr.LastIndexOf("\par" & tmpstr.Chars(tmpstr.Length - 2)), _Rtf)
    End Sub
i have read that the "\trrhN" RTF command is for change the row height and the 'N' is the size. if so why don't change the row height?