Sending p32 to header file .h and .cpp
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Thread: Sending p32 to header file .h and .cpp

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    Sending p32 to header file .h and .cpp

    Hello everyone

    I'm back to programming after a longer break and as always I got some problems.

    So I made basic process scanner, that shows all running processes, and gives more info (PID, etc) on a selected one.
    This looks like this

    wcout << "\n Name of the process : " <<  pe32.szExeFile;
              if (strcmp (specyficname , pe32.szExeFile ))
              //if (strcmp ("alg.exe" , pe32.szExeFile ))
                 wcout << "    FOUND" << endl;
                 tekstor (pe32,);
                 wcout << " \n Process ID : " << pe32.th32ProcessID ;
                 wcout << "\n Thred count : " << pe32.cntThreads ;
                  wcout << "\n Parent process id : " << pe32.th32ParentProcessID ;
                 wcout << "\n Priority base : " << pe32.pcPriClassBase << endl ;

    And now, I'm going to do what I never used much before (shame!) -> use header files.
    I know how it should work, can make lets say a separet .h and .cpp files that will show text, or do some maths, but...

    What I want now is to send the pe32 values like PID, ProcessName, PartenProcessID to the created function to make all these values display there, not in main code.

    At first i fought it should look like

    myfunciton (pe32.th32ProcessID, ...); tried various options like with hProcessSnap

    but it gives arror 'Too many arguments in function to call. '

    So it how to do this. What should I do to send those parameters to h/cpp file?

        #ifndef wydruk_H_
        #define wydruk_H_
        // what declaration?

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    Re: Sending p32 to header file .h and .cpp

    The question doesn't make sense as asked. You don't send variable to files. Post real code with real errors and a better explanation of what you're trying to do.

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