Dear Friends,

I have a database,where a single product will have MfgDate,ExpDate,Price,Supplier,& Quantity.
There is a chance to purchase the same product even if some stock exists & I don't want to Replace(Delete/Erase Automatically) the previous Supplier with the New one, same applies for the other Fields too.

For Example: Tylenol,12/09/2012,10/10/2014,$1.25,NicholasPharma,20Pcs. < This is now in the database.
Now I Purchase same product from Different Supplier ,with different MfgDate,ExpDate,Quantity,Different Date of Purchase.

I don't want the current one to replace the existing Record,but to add all the Fields,so that I can open the Database & see :
Tylenol was purchased from 2 Suppliers on 2 different Dates,with 2 different MfgDate,ExpDate,& Quantity.
Like this:

|MfgDate |ExpDate |Price | Supplier|Quantity.
12/09/2012,10/10/2014,$1.25,Nicholas,20Pcs << comma indicates Different Fields.
How to create the Relation? or Normalize the Database.