How to improve quality of a video.?
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Thread: How to improve quality of a video.?

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    Question How to improve quality of a video.?


    I am using DirectShow to capture and play video files in our application. I am facing one issue, whenever I play any HD video in our application, it is not of the same quality as it plays in any other Media player ( Windows Media Player, VLC etc....).

    Does anybody have any idea what can be the problem...What should I do to Improve the quality of a video.

    Do I need any specific codec or any dll which might be required for the same.

    Any help will be appreciated.


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    Re: How to improve quality of a video.?

    the things that impact playback are:
    * you are using DX fullscreen mode, and the videomode you're using has less colordepth than the mode used on the desktop
    * your playback size isn't the same as your 'reference'. going too small or too large can cause artefacts (excessive interpolation or pixelation).
    * playback is being restricted in DX mode because it's trying to give you as much time for other things rather than trying to go for best video quality, playback settings should fix that (if you can live with the extra CPU power needed).

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    Re: How to improve quality of a video.?

    Those are not the only factors. There are another Frustrating Five that, while less discussed, are critical factors in video surveillance..

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    >>Restrictions on Lighting Additions
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    >>Conditions Change 24/7
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    Re: How to improve quality of a video.?

    he was talking about video playback.

    the factors you mention only influence how the video gets recorded/encoded. None of them will have an impact on how a (possible poor quality) video stream is played.

    And if you're going with video recording/encoding, then there are a ton of other factors that will determine the quality of the recorded video file.

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