Heya! I'm interested in coding and flash. I've done a lot of Visual Basic, learned some C++, done a few websites with HTML and made some animations and games in flash.
I am really interested in browser games. I'm not talking about games like travian which are mostly just refreshing the pages with different clicks etc, nor am I talking about those huge 3D games that somehow have been made playable in a browser. I'm mostly interested in games like Pockie Ninja:
http://ninja.game321.com/ (This is the website. Click on Game Start to get in-game)

It has a live stat base which changes your stats according to your equipment and skill settings, a ranking ladder in arena, lots of things like fusing gear, doing dungeons and so on. It also has some 3D elements but it still unmistakenly feels like a browser game. Now I have some questions about this kind of a game's codes and creation. Even though I have some experience in coding, I am still a beginner so bear with me xD. I honestly searched the web and did some research, but I really can't nail down all of the aspects. No need to answer all of these, I just want some information and general guidelines. If you have some useful links concerning the question, it would be highly appreciated.

1. When I look at the interface of the game all I see is flash. Am I right? Is the whole interface based on flash? All of the loading bars when moving to different places, all of the buttons and clickable objects and pretty much all of the animation are doable in flash. The arena ranking is most likely based on something else though?

2. What language/applications/data is used to create game servers? I found so much mixed information on this!! The game has have over 30, each in which a player can create a character to. No need for an in-depth guide on servers, just a general example on what language/applications could be, or is most likely used in this single scenario.

3. How is data saved in servers? Again, there was so much controversial information on the web. I've made some applications in flash and uploaded them to the internet for a test. I even managed to make them save the game progress, but it all disappeared when I used CCleaner or other temporary files cleaner. So basically my game saved data to the computer, not on a server. I found the same thing happening on many flash games on Miniclip. So how does game progress stay in their server even if I log off for 90 days? Again, general stuff is only needed.

4. Back to the game interface, how is in-game currency coded into a game? I can't figure it out. Even the simplest games on miniclip/armor games or other flash based game sites have in-game gameshops. Some may be exchanged for weaponry, others for skills or updates.

All answers highly appreciated!!