The latest version of Aspose.Email for .NET 3.2.0 is out now. This version provides an enhancement of SMTP authentication using DefaultCredentials for Exchange users. This will enable the logged on user to send emails without providing a username and password if they are logged on to a windows domain. This is beneficial where one doesn’t want to include the username/password within their applications due to any security or other reasons.

This release also provides a feature of testing the IMAP connection state while the application is running. The ConnectionState property of ImapClient tells the current state whether it is open, connected, broken, closed, etc.

Aspose have also added the ability of] calculating N next occurrences [/url] of a recurrence pattern. In addition, user friendly text for a recurrence can be obtained now using the newly introduced property FriendlyText of the RecurrenceRule.

This release also fixes a number of bugs related to EWS, message decryption and signature management, retrieval of dates information, issues related to messages having Arabic and Hebrew characters, messages to TIFF and XPS issues, and some PST to EML conversion issues. The main bug fixes, new& improved features added in this release are listed below:

- Add ability to calculate next occurrence or n next occurrences
- To add possibility of getting a user friendly text
- SMTP Authentication using DefaultCredentials
- Checking IMAP connection state
- EWS: Header stripped off when email sent using EWS
- Hebrew characters body formatting is corrected when EML converted to TIFF
- Pop3: Message downloading issue are fixed for PDF attachment
- EWS: Message saved in MSG format gives error before opening in Outlook is fixed
- Wrong dates extracted from EML files are fixed
- Differences in MHT and TIFF created from EML having Arabic characters
- Issues are resolved in MHT and TIFF files created from EML containing Hebrew characters
- Alignment issues is resolved in MHT and TIFF files created from MSG having Hebrew characters
- Issues while EML is loaded and saved back on disk is resolved
- Gibberish text body shown for the EML is fixed
- MailMessage: On Behalf of Information lost when MSG saved using Aspose
- MSG to TIFF: Inline image now included in the output
- PST to EML: X-Priority Header values are corrected
- Extra corrupted JPEG entries found in MailMessageLinkedResourceCollection is corrected
- EML to MSG: Multi-byte characters turned garbage is now fixed
- Attached meeting body set to empty when EML converted to MSG
- Exception "Object reference not set to an instance of an Object" raised for PST to EML conversion is now resolved

Other most recent bug fixes are also included in this release.