First post on these forums, I have written plenty of code for *nix systems using c. Unfortunately I never got into windows programming which leads me to my question.

I'm attempting to write a dll injector which is already called upon by the program. So i'm not 100% sure if i need to get the proc id or not. If i do I have already found code that will do that. In short all I want this program to do is inject do one thing to a memory offset. I just want it to make it do nothing. Just a basic example or something would help. I had to dig out to offset on my own but i know its right I just don't know where to start.

Basically the program loads dsetup.dll by default which is perfect because its not used by the program. The memory offset is 0x850BFC i just want to NULL it out so it does nothing.

This is not for anything fishy its for a game I'm currently working on. Its an emulated game. I hope someone can help its been driving me bonkers.