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Thread: database objects

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    database objects

    Hi there I am wondering if anyone can help, I am new to programming and I am thinking about developing myself a knowledge base application
    I have made applications similar before that would have each item stored as an object, then all the objects can be saved/retrieved from a file
    however I was feeling that a database would be better although I am unsure of the process to use

    would i
    on open, download all data from the database and store as objects, then reupload new/changed lines
    not use objects and just pull each item from the database at the needed time

    what would you guys suggest?

    sorry its a bit of an ambiguous question

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    Re: database objects

    you can store an object in the database through:
    - storing the object directly as a binary object that will be a single field in the database table (just the way you do it with files). Then you add some fields for indexed search;
    - you can also store each object as a list of fields (the fields of the object. This is generally far better, as it can allow many more things on the database;
    - generally also, it is not best practice to load everything from the database at start-up, as you will be blocked if all your memory is used.

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