Hi there,

I'm having a PowerPoint add-in (not really worth mentioning details here) and one button is openening a Windows Forms form. Now I've had to change the fields of said form and something is going crazy from here.

I've added another text field, changed an old text field to be single line instead of multi, moved a DateTimePIcker field to a new position and added some new labels to the form. The new text field and the label are shown on form. But everything that was on the form before still has old forms and positions (i.e. my old text field is still multiline). So my form doesn't seem to update the old (changed) controls.

Is .NET or Office caching Windows Forms somewhere, because it looks exactly like this. Or am I missing something?

As I'm in the middle of a work that needs to get finished today I would really appreciate if anyone could help me out here, even if you're not sure your possible solution could help.