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    Unhappy include path problems


    [edit: This is a general problem i have with a lot of libraries, i'm using LLVM as an illustrative example.]

    I want to use the LLVM framework libraries.
    So i downloaded LLVM, compiled it, added the include\ and \build\lib\ directories to my default paths and gave it a go.

    however, i keep getting problems like this:

    error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'llvm/Support/DataTypes.h': No such file or directory c:\users\tuli\desktop\lllvm\llvm\include\llvm-c\core.h 18

    this is the code in question (core.h)

    #include "llvm/Support/DataTypes.h"

    Ofcourse: if you use "x.h" instead of <x.h>, it wont find the llvm/ dir, which i added previously to the include paths!

    my code:

    #include <llvm-c/Analysis.h>
    #include <llvm-c/Disassembler.h>
    int main()
    	return 0;

    I have had this issue before with other libraries. Previously, i'd just change all the #include "..." to #include <...>.
    There are way too many header files involved here, though.

    What to do?

    VS2010 sp1
    Win 7 sp 1 x64
    latest llvm
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    Re: include path problems

    If the header is not found when you use this:
    #include "xyz"
    The preprocessor should re-try as if it were:
    #include <xyz>
    Hence, a manual change should be unnecessary.

    I wonder if this is just a case of you adding wrong paths to the list of paths to be searched for headers.
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    Re: include path problems

    Resolved! Thanks!

    The fault lies with some sort of cmake hiccup. DataTypes.h was located in the wrong directory, and i found a DataTypes.h.cmake in its place. Rearranging the files appropriately solved the problem.
    (Previously, i just checked for the existence of "DataTypes.*"...)

    It's still a little wired that i was able to resolve very similar errors by ""/<> substitution. Maybe i'll get back to that after the holydays.

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