I saw something that I'm trying to duplicate and I'm not sure how they did it. In a older application, Microsoft Mail 5.0, they embedded three edit controls into a multiline edit (MLE). At first, I thought MFC and a CDialogBar but given the date of the application (it carries an NE signature) it would be at best VC++ 2.0 and MFC 3.0 and I don't think the CDialogBar existed yet. Plus, going through the .EXE, it doesn't look like it links in a MFC*.DLL but it does use some vform.dll that I'm guessing is Visual Basic. So in short, it looks to be written in C/C++ with subclassing is my estimate but I could be wrong.

The app looks like this at start up:

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But as stuff is entered, the single line edits move up and scroll with the MLE or the user can tab back to the single edits like this:

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My edits either sit on top of the MLE and aren't part of it or when the MLE gets the focus, the cursor and whatever is being typed, is initially hidden by the "To" "Subject" and "Cc" controls. I've been making changes to the .RC and DialogProc but it not behaving as it should. Any ideas how they did this ?