Hi All,

I have created an application to burn my data files into DVD. The problem which I am facing is as follows:

Suppose I have a folder "Doc_Files" present inside "D:\Data\" location for burning into DVD. The correct behaviour of the application is, after writing the "Doc_Files" folder into disc, I have to immediately delete this "Doc_Files" folder from the "D:\Data\" location.

I am calling the DeleteFile() Win32 API for deleting those files which are present inside "Doc_Files" folder.

The files are getting deleted successfully but they are still shown in the same folder untill I do not terminate the application.
Till the application is up those files are still visible even after they are deleted. And as soon as I kill my application and refresh my data folder those files are gone, and the folder becomes empty.
I am making use of IMAPI interfaces and methods for burning process.

Please guide me for this abnormal behaviour of the application.

Thanks in Advance,