The latest version of Aspose.BarCode for .NET 5.6.2 has been released. From this release you can read barcodes in a specific order from an image file format. This release also includes the most recent bug fixes and enhanced bar code recognition support. Some important bug fixes are Recognition of Code128 barcode image, Recognition of EAN barcodes,Scanning QR code, Recognition with incorrect symbology, using extension methods in source code,Incorrect intersection calculation and many other fixed are addressed in this release. Below is the list of new and improved features supported in this version:

- Scan bar code image in a specific order
- Recognition one Datamatrix code is fixed
- Internal: Incorrect intersection calculation is fixed
- Compile error while using extension methods in our source code is fixed
- Error fixed when tried to save form1.cs after adding a bar code control (.NET 4 Client Profile)
- Recognition of Code128 barcode image is enhanced
- Recognition of bar code images from a pdf file is fixed
- False positive issue in code 128 recognition is resolved
- Recognition of EAN barcodes from scanned image is fixed
- Incorrect recognize of Code128 symbology generated by Custom Width Support Methods is now fixed
- Barcode is detected from an image that does not contain any barcode is fixed
- Scanning QR code is fixed
- Recognition with incorrect symbology is resolved
- Incorrect quote symbol recognized from DataMatrix is fixed

Other most recent bug fixes are also included in this release.