I'm developing an open source library that allows you to have C++ mixins (vaguely similar to Ruby's mixins and not to be confused with CRTP mixins).

It can be treated as an alternative to an entity-component system, which is very useful for games or other projects with fairly complex objects (like CAD systems or Enterprise systems).

The library has a lot of working and a lot of planned features, but for now I'm focusing on the documentation (which is pretty thin). I don't intend to add any of the planned features until I submit it to Boost.

Anyway I'd be happy to hear any comments, suggestions, and questions you might have.

Here's the link to the source: https://github.com/iboB/boost.mixin
... and the (work-in-progress) documentation: http://ibob.github.io/boost.mixin/index.html

(the name is Boost.Mixin, because I want to submit it to the Boost libraries for inclusion, but it's not part of them yet)