Hey guys im rather new to programming and I have a newbie question for you:

I am making a program as a project, that's purpose is to tell whether a number is divisable by 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and/or 10.
So far I have the graphic parts done like JOptionPanes and SystemOuts but I am stuck on the Calculation Parts. I need the program to separate the digits in a potentially 200 digit long number and "read" them. Here is an Example of one of the Equations i need to do:

To tell whether a number is divisable by 11 you must take the even number places (reading left to right: odd,even,odd,etc.), add them up, then add all the odd places, then take the sums, and subtract the evens from the odds.

So... Fairly specifically... how would I do this? (Please include all var's and associated scanners: Remember Im new at this)