CAD Software VC++ Visualization Source Code Kit and CAD OCX Control

E-XD++ Suite is the leading C++ CAD library for building image-based CAD GUIs.

Rich, custom CAD GUIs for demanding applications
Equip demanding applications with user interfaces that are highly customized and visually rich. XD++ Visualization Component Suite helps you build better displays, fast:

High-performance 2D graphics
Powerful GUI builder
Shorter development time
Reduced maintenance costs
Customizable business graphic objects, charts and diagrams.
support multiple layers drawing.
support import autocad's DXF file.
support measure distance between a list of points.
support measure area.
support draw circle or ellipse with two or three points.
supports drawing multiple kind of dimension shapes.
Printing and preview.
Export with jpeg or bitmap file.
Most important, it is written with 100% VC++/MFC and ships it's full source codes.
High-performance graphic objects, robust, versatile graphic objects

Display thousands of vector and raster graphic objects
Animate objects (display moving aircraft in air traffic control applications)
Modify objects (display equipment status in real time)
High-performance display and refresh (ideal tool for map displays)
This example shows how to use E-XD++ in CAD component application, including drawing from center, MM_HIMETRIC projecting mode, black background editing and customized printing, vertexes auto-capturing, intersections, etc, as shown below:

U_CanCode CAD ActiveX Control

For Visual Basic, C#, Delphi or other languages developers, U_CanCode had prepared a CAD OCX Control, it's U_CanCode CAD ActiveX Control. It has the following features:

1. Can be called with any C#.NET, Java, Delphi or VB languages.

2. Can be used by web.

3. It is based on U_CanCode leading CAD solution, all the features of U_CanCode CAD Solution can be called with this CAD ActiveX Control.

4. It supports DXF loading, layer, and many kind of advance CAD features.

5. All the features can be full customized.

6. The source codes of this cad control can be purchased with E-XD++ Enterprise Suite.

7. With our consulting service, we can help you do any modify with this cad ocx control to meet your own specify requires.

8. With all the other features of U_CanCode Draw Control.
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