The latest version of Aspose.Tasks for .NET 5.7.0 has been released. With this release, all non-generic collections have been replaced with strongly typed and, hence, donít support .NET framework anymore with all occurrences of ArrayList replaced with List<T> as well.

This release also provides the facility of reading password protected files in 2003 format. The Projectís class overloaded constructor enables users with loading password protected files. In case a wrong password is provided, TaskReadingException is thrown.

Aspose have also made a number of enhancements in this release. This version now provides the facility of scheduling of a project from finish or start date. In addition, they have performed some internal refactoring to the recalculations performed and methods, like Task.Recalculate(), are more efficient, hence, improving the performance. Below is the complete list of new features and important bug fixes included in this release:

- Read password protected files in 2003 format
- Implement rescheduling from project finish or start date
- Task.Recalculate() hangs for the MPP is now fixed
- Task.Recalculate(FirstTask) gives StackOverflow exception is now resolved